Hourly Design Consulting14 Photos
The Service: Hourly consultations one-on-one at your home, site, or business which may include any of the following: Quick studies and layouts Zoning and code analysis and research Creative ideas, sketches and advice Building code compliance issues and solutions Help with design review and planning approvals Feasibility studies and generation of options for expansion or remodeling Help and advice for real estate decisions for purchase or sale Lighting design and improving the feel of spaces Building products advice and research Site analysis and site selection Second opinions and review of plans Hourly rate (currently $160 per hour) paid by check or cash at the conclusion of the session. All design counseling is handled directly by the Principal Jerry Winges AIA, who has over 30 years of experience and has done hundreds of design counseling sessions. No Obligation: This is a stand alone hourly service with no obligation for future full architectural services. Full services are available if desired under a separate agreement. How to Start: Call Jerry Winges to discuss and arrange a convenient time. Then click the 1 page agreement form to enlarge, send to your email, fill out, sign and e-mail to jlw@wingesaia.com. Upon receipt, the appointment date and time will be confirmed.