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Project: DeBell Drive Residence
Traditional Residential Project

DeBell Drive Residence

This lovely 1 acre site surrounded on three sides by roads or drives had an existing small house and garage.  The garage was removed, the house completely gutted and re-arranged, and the site was completely re-landscaped taking advantage of the large heritage oak tree in the rear yard as a focal point.   A new garage was located at the rear entry road, with auto access from that road hiding all parking and driveway areas.   A new roofed portico connects to the rear house entry.  This separated the site into a front formal entry garden and a large rear informal yard relating to the orientation of the living areas.    The relatively small house was completely re-done in a clean contemporary style, with uncluttered rooms and clear circulation.  Every room takes advantage of the connection to the yards and views toward greenery.  Radiant heated floors, green materials and energy saving features are included.  This is testimony that a relatively small house can create a private park-like setting with creative and thoughtful master planning.
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