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Winges Architects Design Counseling

The Need:
Homeowners, Real Estate Agents and Business Owners have a major unfulfilled need for immediate low-cost problem solving, technical information and creative ideas to make major decisions without the need for full architectural services. We are one of the few firms that offer this unique service and the only firm we know of who does this directly at your home or office.

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The Service:
Hourly consultations one-on-one at your home, site, or business which may include any of the following:

The Cost:
Hourly rate (currently $150 per hour) paid by check or cash at the conclusion of the session. All design counseling is handled directly by the Principal Jerry Winges AIA, who has over 30 years of experience and has done hundreds of design counseling sessions.

No Obligation:
This is a stand alone hourly service with no obligation for future full architectural services. Full services are available if desired under a separate agreement.

How to Start:
Call Jerry Winges to discuss and arrange a convenient time. Then download the attached 1 page agreement form, fill out, sign and e-mail or fax to our office at (650) 343-1291. Upon receipt, the appointment date and time will be confirmed.

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Examples of Design Counseling Sessions:

A couple wanted to obtain preliminary ideas and layouts on how to expand their kitchen and rearrange the adjoining living spaces. A 4 hour session produced a to-scale sketch of the existing floor plan from site measurements (no existing plans were available), 3 alternative sketch layouts of the proposed kitchen, family room and living room, information on the building process, preliminary cost information.

A client wanted to know how much he could legally add onto his house, how the plan for a second story addition might lay out, where the stair would be and how the roof shapes would look to blend in with the style of the house. A 4 hour session left him with a sketch plan to-scale of the basic existing house, research and basic zoning calculations, 2 alternative layout sketches for the second floor and stairway, and a rough elevation sketch of how the second floor addition might look from the street. It enabled him to reach a decision and approach the neighbors and the city.

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A couple with an offer on a building site wanted some preliminary ideas on where to site a new residence and how it might work with the slope, view and access from the street. A 6 hour session produced master planning sketch ideas and rough sections through a potential house which captured the view, located the best place for the driveway, and did a first pass at siting the structure and how the rooms, decks and the rest of the site might be organized. It helped them make a decision on going ahead with the purchase.

A real estate agent and a prospective office tenant wanted to know if they could fit all the required workstations in an office space that was for lease, and how to arrange the lobby and gain a conference and storage room. A 2 hour session produced a sketch plan layout that helped make the deal.

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